Joining Us

First of all, thank you for your interest in joining Chickenwings!
You may wonder if we have any requirements regarding your skills or flight simming experience. All of those questions are covered on this page.

There are a few character traits that you should have if you would like to join us:

- Passion for aviation and flight simulation (Obviously 😉)
- Friendly and open mindset
- Being a fan of an open feedback culture
- Willingness to constantly learn new things

Regarding your previous flight simming experience:

We think that flight simming skills are a very individual thing that can't be measured based on hours you've spent on online networks.
That's why, unlike any other VA, we are striving to get to know all of our members personally.
It doesn't matter if you are still a newbie who wants to learn the wonderful hobby of flight simming, or if you already are an experienced flight sim pilot. Everybody is welcome to join our community!

If you want to become a full-blown chickenwing (that's what we call our pilots), you have to successfully complete our pilot learning path which contains some theoretical and practical lessons for you to optimally develop your aviation skills and knowledge.

(Learn more about our educational offerings in the next tab.)

A huge deep fryer. - jk 😉

As already mentioned above, we offer a pilot learning path that enables you to optimally develop your aviation skills and knowledge.
Members who successfully completed the learning path have all the required skills they need to do flight simming on a professional level and are welcomed as chickenwings pilots.

But why should I invest the time to learn first?

As people who had to spend quite some time in theoretical learning before actually booting up a flight sim for the first time, we can absolutely understand this question.
Although we think that learning basic aviation knowledge like radio proficiency, several maneuvers and aircraft SOPs are essential elements for the fun behind flight simming.

This concept of separating community and virtual airline is unique and hasn't been there in the virtual airline environment before. But it also requires us to get to know all of our new members. This is why we are trying to get to know everybody who joins our community.

What should I do if I am still rather unexperienced?

Even if you've never even touched a flight sim and would like to learn about civil aviation and flight simming, you are very welcome to join us!
It doesn't matter what your current level of knowledge is or how much time you want to invest into your new (or old) hobby - we will individually support all of our members to build their knowledge around flight simming and become a chickenwing.

Hello World!

Feel free to check out our FAQ page for more detailed information!

Sounds like a perfect match?

Nice! Then let's get in touch on our Discord.
Just click the button below to join our server. We are looking forward to welcome you as a new member of our community!